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        Established in 2006, we have a wealth of experience to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. No matter what you drive, from a two seater convertible to salon cars or jeeps, we have all the necessary skills and equipment to keep all makes and models serviced and in tip top condition.

        We are experts in diagnostics and electronics. So next time your vehicle needs a service or repair, call into us and let us get you going straight away. If you are working or living locally, we can arrange that, you drop your car into the garage before work, one of our friendly staff will drop you off to work and pick you up after work with your car good as new.

  • Services

    We understand how important keeping your vehicle going is. We promise to have you back on the road as quickly as possible. If your car breaks down on the side of the road we can come to you and bring you and your car back to the garage. We will give you a quotation within an hour and we can promise we will not be beaten on price or quality.



    Common breakdown problems: 



    We carry out clutch replacement on all makes and models. Generally this can be done within a day. Prices do vary depending on makes and models but as a guide: Eur 250


    Timing belt:

    Not all cars have a timing belt but if yours does it is important to have it replaced every 80,000 km. A broken timing belt can create serious damage to the internal workings of your engine. We replace all types of timing belts and are happy to advise on any timing belt issues. Our prices start at Eur 180 depending on the make and model of your car.



    We have a top class diagnostic system. We can plug our computer into any vehicle and diagnose and solve even the most complex of electrical faults. So if your dash is lit up like a Christmas tree, call into us and let us plug your car in and solve the problems. Plug in is costs Eur 25 but free if you get Tullamore Auto Repairs to fix the fault.


    Exhaust problems:

    The loud hum that occurs with a broken exhaust may have been desirable to some of us when we were younger, but these days most of us are not so fond of the 'Boy Racer Song'. Call into us here at Tullamore Auto Repairs where we can fix or replace all makes and models of exhausts.


    Fuel Issues:

    It is easier than one might think, getting mixed up with the green and black pumps at the petrol station is such a common mistake. If you have put petrol in your diesel car, or visa versa, stop your car the minute you have realised it and give us a call. We will be out to you in lightening speed and nobody needs to know.






    We have many service packages available and we are happy to tailor one to meet your needs. Regular servicing keeps the engine of your vehicle running at its most efficient. It will prolong the life of your engine and ensure maximum fuel efficiency.



    A mini service. We will replace the engine oil filter and check all fluid levels. Prices start at Eur 80



    This is the ideal maintenance service. We will replace filters (engine oil, air and fuel), replace spark plugs, check all fluid levels, check all lights and wiper blades. Prices start at Eur 130



    A thorough service. The perfect solution before your vehicles NCT. We will replace all filters (engine oil, air, cabin and fuel), replace spark plugs, check all fluid levels, check all lights and wiper blades, diagnostic health check and 22 point pre NCT check. Prices start at Eur 150





    There is something about the dreaded NCT that can make us feel like we are back in school. With our exceptional pre test, there will be no surprises. We can guarantee top class marks if you listen to our advice.

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